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That was the week that was ….


Its Saturday now and its the week that was!

4pm last Saturday, my husband had a heart attack. Its always shocking – but this time especially so as he’s two years younger than me, has few if any, obvious, risk factors and had had a normal ecg only a few months ago.

Luckily, we had the gold standard NHS care in that he’d had an angioplasty, stent insertion and was in his bed on the CCU at the local regional centre by 6.30pm the same night. Something that twenty years ago was completely unheard of. He was out of hospital less than 48 hours after the whole event started.

In some ways all the threads of my life coalesced together for a brief time on that Saturday night, husband, ┬áinformatics (the ambulance men faxed the ecg off to the hospital for their analysis), child psychology – very scary for the boys, me.

Hubby’s been tired and no repeat of any pain this week and he has to make some changes (low ┬ánumbers of risk factors) – for both of us it has been psychologically hard for both of us to get our heads around it – but we are trying!

In other places – the world has been changing too, I’m looking forward to tracking those changes and to contribute to them too.


Been a hard week but …


Its been a difficult week here. I’ve left, probably for good, a community organisation that I’ve been involved with for over seven years (or maybe more) in all of its various guises that its had – just at a point when it was starting to get a head of steam. Not really going to write, right now at least, about the whys and wherefores but I can already feel the huge hole this has left in my day to day need to be out and about and the need to be doing. (Housework, ironing, I hear you say, *cough* *cough*). I’m going to allow myself to feel the discomfort, work through it and move on and begin again.

Even before this happened, though, I was discovering a whole array of new possibilities of things that need taking forward in many of the other areas that I have been involved in for many years. Almost too many to mention. So maybe the traumatic start to the week will turn out to be a blessing in disguise as it will allow me some headspace to define what I want to contribute to and how I can go about that.

I’ve already started by writing the first post on this blog. Here, I’ll be writing about my ideas around the use of digital technologies to help everyone’s lives be better, what I feel about the politics of the day and anything else that comes up. Won’t promise a post a day. Please feel free to comment. The blog is a work in progress and will probably change its look as it goes along.