october2012 207shrunk

I’ve always been interested in how information is organised – I’m old enough to remember the wonder of the first appearance of computerised tills. I’ve followed an eclectic path through life, always touching how information is organised, transferred and used. I trained as nurse at a time when resource management was first being trialled, as a midwife when the concept of patient held notes was being introduced into practice, as a scbu nurse where real time data was being collected for a patients record.  Worked in GP admin for a while  and then did a BSc Hons in information and Communication Management  and then spent some time looking at the way Modernisning for Health and the successor programmes were driving changes within a GP partnership. For various reasons this thread of my life has been left dangling for a while…

I have many other threads in my life, an interest in local & wider politics, community work, social media , being social in general, my family, special educational needs, alternative lifestyles, astrology, the list could go on and on.

I will post here my musings about all of these – some more than others.


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