Digital Gadget wish


Been thinking of this for a while 

Anyone know of any Gadgets / apps that are a syncable calendar  and a whiteboard for writing notes ie like ‘don’t forget your swimming gear’ . I suppose a touchscreen Ipad / tablet / one of the new convertible touch screen tablets would do…


What I’m thinking of something that could go on a kitchen wall so that all the family can see calendars / appointments / working profile / school events of everyone else.

I’ve just switched back to a filofax because there needed to be something universal and easily accessible for the two adults in the family – it would be quite neat to have a screen in the kitchen where you could just walk past and tap it and link into the home network… 

Given the fragmented & turbulent digital world we have at the moment, it might just be out there already…

(ps and some coherent tutoring on how to get all the various calendars to sync would be nice… phone isn’t talking to windows  8,  windows 8 is not talking to google or MS outlook 13, phone isn’t talking to MS outlook either. All being very sulky indeed! 



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