Wrestling with email


Years ago, I had outlook installed  on the desktop and outlook express and my own domain. I had a fair amount of email but it was all sorted and organised – no mega amounts in in boxes – most everything had its own folder and all was good.

I switched to Gmail a few years back after I gave up my domain (no use for it) and ever since then I’ve struggling to deal with the overwhelming tsunami of mail. I once hailed the use of tags rather than folders for Gmail to be really cool and innovative  and oh its going to be really easy to archive …. Well that was a set of wrong assumptions! 

I don’t help myself because I really do keep 99% emails I receive (just in case *eyes roll*) and being kind of OCD about having everything in order …. well you can imagine what I feel like when I glance at my inbox and see the twitter notifications, the FB stuff, the emails from garages wanting to sell me cars or insurance …

I’m currently dallying with the web version of outlook but the only problem is that it will only d/l stuff from my gmail account post my getting the Microsoft account set up in November.  I am finding it easier to sort stuff into folders and them mark them as read. 

I can imagine that newcomers to the web who are not used to sorting and setting up the rules will be faring even worse than me!

Its easy to overload on email and especially if you are  hoarder like me then that risk is twice or maybe even three times higher… 

So I am still on the lookout for a good mail client and maybe even a new email address but in the meantime, I’ll go back to wrestling with my archiving and yelling King Canute like at the tide to stop! 


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