Prawn crackers, FA Cups and me …


Its forty years since Sunderland won the cup. Up here in the NE, @christewartbbc has been presenting a series of pieces within Look North about the memories of the Sunderland Players & fans about that Cup Run. 

These pieces have always made me smile as it brought back lots of memories of my childhood in the 70’s. The all day build up to the match itself and then watching the match and being excited about the match. Haven’t watched one in years…

Anyway, what’s special about the 73 Cup Final?

I remember watching it with my Dad and for some reason he invited the guy who ran the Chinese restaurant along the way to come and watch it with him. And the man brought along a huge bag of prawn crackers. First time I’d tasted them.  I remember my dad being surprised that Sunderland won (but probably happy because he was a Lancs lad) . 

So everytime I have prawn crackers now, I always remember that day and miss FA Cup final days like they used to be. I also relish the taste of a happy day. 



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  1. Isn’t it funny how little things like that can come back at you after so long? I get similar feelings when I walk by the seafood department in the supermarket. We spent many a summer in a friend’s “cabin” (ask me about the fic “Love the World Away” sometime), fishing in the Neuse River. Not my favorite pastime, but still, when I breathe in the fishy odor, it just triggers something nostalgic.

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