Catch up on the learning curve


Just a catch up post.

Just recovering from a bout of  well ‘old spot’ really. Small facial sebaceous cyst decided to run amok on my face. Necessitated IV antibiotics and much shuffling around local medical services , IV antibiotics, blood tests and finally a piece of minor surgery which the (nice) SHO enjoyed far too much… 

Kind of threw my steps programme off course for a few days but hopefully I’m over the worst of it.

As ever the experience has thrown up a lot of questions that I’m going to need to mull over and see what comes through at the other end.  Unfortunately as is usual with my will of the whisp head, these can’t be neatly classified into one neat little subject area but are really all over the place.

I’ve had my usual share of bizarre medical encounters, information & communication woes both technical and face to face etc. Hubby has been great and the boys – well they’ve held it together a lot better than I thought they would have – they don’t deal well with illness of anyone else. 

And now I wish I hadn’t done an internet search last night to find just what one of the blood tests that the marvellous Dr R who looks after the RAMAC unit in Durham has asked for on me, was for. I’m not sure whether I like being one of the worried recovering … 

Hopefully get chance to be more specifically reflective in the next blog.


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